3-sermon series from http://fivethingsgoduses.com/

I picked up this idea from Andy Stanley's book below. I modified it to create 3 sermons as follows:

I. The goal of discipleship (Muc tieu cua mon do Chua Gie-su)

Doan KT nen tang: Mac 4:40, Mathio 8:23-27 va 8:5-13
Y chinh bai giang: Chua Gie-su noi den ba tinh trang duc tin cua nhung
nguoi theo Ngai, khong co duc tin (Mac 4:40), yeu duc tin (Mathio
8:23-27), va duc tin manh me (Mathio 8:5-13). Ban thuoc ve nhom nguoi

II. How to grow your faith, part 1 (Cach nao tang truong duc tin, phan 1)

Tua de: Cach nao tang truong duc  tin (How to grow your faith)
Doan KT nen tang: Mathio 7:24-27, I Corinhto 12:7 va 14:12
Y chinh bai giang: HT Chua dang can nhung tin huu co duc tin manh me.
Lich su va kinh nghiem cho thay nhung nguoi co duc tin manh me da trai
qua nhung kinh nghiem sau day:

1) Biet va vang loi Kinh thanh (Know and obey the Bible) Mathio 7:24-27

2) Biet rieng thi gio voi Chua moi ngay (Spend time with God daily) Mac 1:35, etc.
3) Tich cuc phuc vu Chua trong va ngoai hoi thanh Serve God in and out
of the church) I Corinhto 12:7 va 14:12

III. How to grow your faith, part 2 (Cach nao tang truong duc tin, phan 2)

4) Co nhung cuoc gap go do Chua xep dat (Experience divine appointments)

Various bible passages
5) Vuot qua nhung thu thach trong duc tin (Persevere when their faith is tested)
Various bible passages

The book "Deep and Wide":


If you have ideas, illustrations, etc. please throw them my way :-)